Foster charges through to win dynamic race

Liam Foster has charged through the pack to take Race 22 of the championship at Pukekohe Park Raceway. Callum Crawley came home in second just 0.063s behind while Taylor Hurst scored another podium finish, taking third by just 0.035s.

The pole man Callum Crawley quickly took the lead after the start, holding off an eager five-car pack behind him, but was soon relegated to third after the inevitable slipstreaming left him a sitting duck to Taylor First and Billy Frazer. Meanwhile, the championship leader Kaleb Ngatoa had snuck up a position and was getting ready to step onto the podium.

Halfway through the race, Crawley had regained the lead and Liam Foster had started making headway, moving up from grid seven to fourth while Ngatoa slotted into second and Alex Hawley briefly moved on to the podium.

With three laps to go Foster made a bold move around the outside of leader at turn one to take the lead of the motor race. That split the pack into two groups, the front three of Foster, Crawley and Hurst all duking it out for the win while Ngatoa, Frazer and Hawley battled for sheep stations behind them.

As the final lap approached Crawley led Foster and Hurst, but the experienced Foster came through to take the win ahead of Crawley and Hurst. Ngatoa finished a distant fourth ahead of Frazer and Hawley who recorded a personal best.

Then next group saw Amy Smith, Conrad Clark and Travis Day vying for seventh. Clark and Smith came across the line as close you will ever see, so close they were inseparable and were both awarded the same position.

The championship battle is now 21 points tighter, with Foster moving to 48 points of Ngatoa and Crawley trailing by just 13.

  • Jasmine Mahutoto March 31, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Do your best Nephew Kaleb Ngatoa , another day tomorrow push for the top 🙂

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