King’s win sets up winner takes all finale

An epic win by Bramwell King has turned this afternoon’s final race of the 2016/17 Hi-Q Components NZ Formula First Championship into a winner takes all battle.

Chris Symon used his front row start to lead through the first corner while Podjursky ran around the outside of McConkey to move into second. King, also getting by McConkey quickly, then got under Podjursky to take second at turn seven.

King soon took the lead after getting past Symon at the final corner after a great run through the chase. Symon then lost a further place when Podjursky pulled off a tight manoeuvre through the fast sweeping turn nine, dubbed ‘A1’.

Symon’s chances of winning were taken away from him on the second lap when he and the wildcard entry of McConkey came together in a racing incident. Symon spun down to the back of the top ten during the incident, leaving King with a huge lead. Symon later recovered to fifth.

King’s lead was quickly diminished by Podjursky, with the latter taking the lead at the end of lap three. Podjursky then made himself a gap before the King closed back up. The final two laps of the race saw the pair battle for sheep stations, Podjursky led onto the back straight but a superbly timed draft by King saw him lead Podjursky into the chase and across the line.

Meanwhile, Arran Crighton had made his way up to third after starting sixth and battling there for the majority of the race.

King now leads Podjursky by four points, while Crighton is a distant 18 points from the lead, leaving him with little hope of a championship now.

  • Val April 16, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Go Arran ! Give it your all ! We know you can do it.

  • Ben April 16, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Come in Matty! You’ve got this!

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