McConkey wins as racing brings crowds to their feet

Brody McConkey has claimed an absolute thriller of a race at Manfeild! Following an epic and dynamic battle between the top six cars! Young gun Billy Frazer cane home a very close second ahead of Callum Crawley. The six spent the entire race battle side by side, exchanging the lead nearly every corner.

Reece Hendl-Cox had to settle for fourth ahead of Conrad Clark, Kaleb Ngatoa and Chris Symon with Taylor Hurst and Blake Evans rounding out the top ten.

Alex Hawley and Shaun Logan came together at the final corner on lap six, sending Hawley well wide and shifting the pair to the rear of the field. They wouldn’t be the only two to strike trouble there as Liam Foster spun and beached himself on the final corner in the same spot.

With the race too close to write about, watch the final few laps of one that will go down as an all-time classic!

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