Ngatoa wins; Crawley caught in last lap drama

Race 21 of the championship has thrown the championship wide open again, this time a massive points shift sees Ngatoa take a 29 point lead to Pukekohe after winning this afternoons race while Callum Crawley finished down in eighth after being caught up in the last lap drama.

The boiling point of the race was the start of the final lap when the top five fanned out four wide heading into and through turn one before settling back into a three-wide affair on the exit. Unfortunately, the trio of Reece Hendl-Cox, Liam Foster and Taylor Hurst all came together resulting in a spectacular crash which unfortunately saw Hurst retire from the race.

Just two corners down the road, Crawley led Ngatoa until the former missed a gear and Ngatoa was unable to avoid him and rode over his rear wheel which caused a puncture to Crawley. Crawley had to limp the car home to eventually finish eighth.

A shadow lies over the results as enquiries are still yet to be completed however, the cars finished on the track with Ngatoa in front followed by Hendl-Cox, Foster, Brody McConkey and Amy Smith. Conrad Clark took the flag sixth, Billy Frazer seventh, Crawley eighth, Sudiono ninth and Blake Evans tenth.

Final lap incident with #48 L.Foster launching into the air. Credit: Volt TV

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