King conquers race three marathon

The final Hi-Q Components NZ Formula First Championship race at Hampton Downs turned into a marathon, taking two hours to complete the race. Bramwell King would eventually take the win ahead of Matt Podjursky and Callum Crawley. Crawley climbing onto the podium for the first time in the championship.

The original race start was delayed by 30 minutes due to the heavy rain hitting the circuit. Once the race finally started it was red flagged for an apparent lack of visibility. The race then completely restarted an hour later, with the grid being reset and the race to go the full eight lap distance.

Travis Day got the start of the race, moving from seventh to first before turn one. Similarly, Kaleb Ngatoa moved from sixth to second as Matt Podjursky struggled to get off the line. Liam Foster jumped from eighth to slot into third at turn one.

Ngatoa quickly moved by Day to take the lead early on lap one. As the crossed the line to complete the first lap Ngatoa lead Liam Foster and Bramwell King before the safety car was deployed for Alex Hawley who ran off at the final turn on lap one.

Before the restart Travis Day would fall victim to a broken throttle cable, ending his race then and there.

The race restarted on lap five and signalled the start of chaos as drivers weighed up the risk-vs-reward of their potential manoeuvres. Podjursky was first to lose control and got right out sideways in his PowerBuilt Tools machine before collecting Liam Foster in the process. Liam immediately leaving the car with a suspected broken wrist. The incident brought out the red flag to ensure Liam was taken care of and his car could be removed without further limiting the amount of racing remaining.

The race restarted on lap seven, with Ngatoa out in front and holding off a lucky Matt Podjursky who held onto second place after his contact with Liam Foster which could have been championship changing stuff. As the pair headed towards turn three Ngatoa ran off the road, leaving Podjursky to take the lead ahead of Bramwell King.

Ron Carter was next to fall victim to the wet track, spinning around at the dipper before Chris Symon ran off on the final lap. Meanwhile, Bramwell King had gotten by Matt Podjursky to take the lead and win the race ahead of Podjursky and Callum Crawley.

Full Results:
1 – B. King
2 – M. Podjursky
3 – C. Crawley
4 – A. Crighton
5 – C. Symon
6 – A. Smith
7 – D. Smith
8 – I. Foster
9 – B. Fraser
10 – R. Hendl-Cox
11 – K. Ngatoa
12 – R. Carter
DNF – A. Hawley
DNF – L. Foster
DNF – T. Day

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