Podjursky within striking distance

Matt Podjursky has claimed a nose to tail finish at Hampton Downs, beating Reece Hendl-Cox to the line ahead of Bramwell King.

Podjursky again started off the front row and took an early lead ahead of King and Hendl-Cox. By the end of the final lap King drafted by Podjursky to take the lead before the pair opened a small gap back to Hendl-Cox.

Chris Symon was wounded after contact with Hendl-Cox dislodged his nose cone on lap two. Symon’s race was further soured when he spun out at turn two whilst battling hard with Callum Crawley on lap three.

The following lap saw the top four cars consisting of King, Podjursky, Hendl-Cox and Crighton, close back up into a four-way battle for the lead. Podjursky then dropped down to fourth before he, Hendl-Cox and Crighton went three wide through the dipper!

The top four all fanned out across the line looking for the best advantage on the final lap. King lead into one but Podjursky soon got to the front before a dive from Hendl-Cox at the dipper put him up to second. Podjursky lead them to the line in a nose-to-tail formation. No one had a draft, leaving the run to the line static but close with just 0.5 seconds separating the top four!

Podjursky’s win puts the championship lead within reach of the next race, just 16 points separate him and Arran Crighton while King has dropped 41 points off the lead.

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